• Thiomucase (Almirall)

 1 cube of 100ml Thiomucase Cream by Almirall tightens your skin and may reduce the visible signs of aging by discarding water from the fat cells. Thiomucase Cream allows as much as 20% more water to be freed from the fat cell. Is a safe and effective product for treating and preventing cellulite. Its natural component, mucopolysaccharidase, acts directly upon orange peel skin - reducing it in depth, and facilitating both retained water and fat release and drainage. This improves hydration of the skin and offers a firm and silky touch. On the other hand, and in parallel, the reducing effect of Thiomucase Cream helps to shape body contour - allowing the release of the fatty tissue located between the skin and muscles.

Thiomucase (Almirall)

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